AVOVA – we make them with a deep sense of safety

AVOVA is a childcare brand with a dedicated and highly experienced team of experts for child safety in vehicles.
Most of our team members have been involved in creating test winning child car seats since decades. Some of us even supported the first steps of ISOFIX development back in the 1990s.
We have seen many clever and edgy ideas. But with all that, we always believed in only one thing that truly matters for keeping children safe: dedication to quality.
This is why all our products are tested to the highest standards to exceed legal requirements. We have them run through a rigorous quality check before allowing them to be sold.
This is why we founded AVOVA. Because we don’t want to make any compromise on safety.

AVOVA – we make them in Germany

With our top quality commitment, it is clear that we make our products in Germany.
With our excellent European Design and Engineering Team we are constantly pushing our limits. We explore the possibilities of technology and advance innovations that add value to safety.
We revolve and evolve. That’s a constant journey we are happy to be on for the most precious treasures to carry. We find this a wonderful mission.

AVOVA – we make them with heart and soul

Today, the requirements for child safety have quite changed due to new and improved regulations. Being a parent has become very occupying, sometimes even overwhelming, with all the do’s and don’ts of raising children.
This is why we think that our products have to offer simple solutions to your challenges. Only by being attentive, thoughtful and actively listening, we can reach our goal to deliver the best quality and the best safety for children discovering the world out and about.
That’s why we decided our guiding and inspiring symbol – our little bird – to become our logo. Our dedicated and clever expert who will never stand still, always awake and aware, caring for the little ones and teaching us love for life.

AVOVA – we make them with our certified Quality Management to ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 certificate proves that AVOVA quality management system meets the international standard published by the International Organization for Standardization. It certifies that we established a quality management system to produce products that meet your expectations as our customer, and at the same time our system lives through a constant improvement process. We believe this is important while we strive for never-ending improvements.

AVOVA – a story of dedication

When you want to change things, you have to go your own way. This is why our team of experts decided to start over from scratch in 2018. They brought together their decades of experience in child safety and founded AVOVA to create faultless car seats, 100% fit for purpose, without any bling‐bling, with the single purpose to do the one job these products are developed for: to protect children in cars in the best possible way.

We – the AVOVA team – are inviting you to join us now on our journey and to become part of the AVOVA family. Let‘s have a safe ride together!