Installing the Top Tether (in combination with ISOFIX)

The top tether is a belt that comes with a car seat that installs via ISOFIX connectors.
The Top Tether is developed to prevent the seat from rotating during a crash. The belt is usually located at the rear top of the child car seat. It is connected to the rear side of the car’s rear seating bench. Your car should indicate the related symbol with the anchor.

Best way to install:

  • Check your car manual first to find the anchorage point behind the rear seat.

It might be on the boot floor or the back of the seat bench. It might even be highlighted with the top tether symbol.

  • The top tether hook must be firmly attached to the anchorage point.
  • Check if the Top Tether belt is tensioned correctly (indicated by the green sign on the Top Tether buckle.).

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