Why do AVOVA child car seats have a 5-point harness?

The straps of a 5-point harness system come down over the shoulders and across the hips to the buckle that comes up between the legs. This system allows individual adjustment to your child´s body and offers a very good fit.

In a crash, the straps divert the forces from the child´s body to the seat.

You can see it as a protective web that cushions a wide area of the child´s body.

It is perfect to keep your child safely and sound in the seat shell.

Tests have shown that a 5-point harness provides maximum protection in case of a roll-over, side and frontal impacts. That is why our AVOVA safety experts decided to equip our child car seats with a 5-point harness for smaller children.

When your child is getting taller, the body shape is getting closer to an adult shape. This is why your child is able to use the 3-point-belt of the vehicle in a booster seat.

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