This is about personal engagement and the intrinsic motivation to develop premium products to protect children on the move.

AVOVA - mum and daughter travelling with a smile

we are a German start-up,
we are launching our first seats,
and, we are fully committed.

The market for child and baby safety products has quite changed over the years. Especially with the new regulation UN ECE R-129 we have seen a lot of movement. This is why we believe the time is right to see experienced child safety experts to create an own, independent brand, truly made in Germany again: AVOVA

Avova logo

This is our mission:
Being a family should be less worry and more fun.
We want parents to feel reassured with our deep sense of safety.
We want them to be able to travel with a smile.


We at AVOVA develop only car seats to the latest European regulation UN ECE R-129. This means all our seats are approved to the most advanced test standards. The new regulation makes it much easier for parents to chose the right seat for their child.

In spring 2019 our manufacturing facility in Ulm will start production. The first seats will cover child heights between 76 and 150cm. Seats for small children and infant carriers will follow soon to complete the offer.

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