Stressless on the Road

Travelling with your child

Stressless on the Road – Travelling with Kids

Long car journeys can be very strenuous. We have to sit in an upright position for a very long time which may lead to back and neck pain. We have to focus on the traffic and to drive defensively. And we have to fight physical and mental fatigue.

And what about our little ones back in the car? As soon as they start whining due to boredom or uneasiness, the stress reaches a new level. Even frequent breaks cannot produce relief.

To make sure your holiday drive becomes as relaxed and stress-free as possible for every family member, you should be well prepared. Below, you will find a few tips that might help you to keep your kids and yourself happy on the road.


Tips for Stress-free Travelling with Kids

» Make sure to install sun shades at the back windows so your child will not be dazzled by the sun or get too hot.

» Pack enough healthy drinks and snacks for the trip. Nibbling on vegetables and fresh fruit keeps your child occupied and satisfies hunger. The same goes for you, by the way! And no one gets an unpleasant sugar rush.

» Try to stick to your kid´s daily routine concerning sleep and mealtimes.

» Prepare toys, music, audio books, picture books, games and all kinds of fun stuff to keep boredom at bay.

» Plan a break every two hours. Enjoy fresh air and a little exercise. Maybe the rest stop provides a little playground.

» Do never ever forget to pack your child´s most favorite cuddly toy!


Stuck in a Traffic Jam

Especially during the holiday season, traffic jams are very likely. This can be a challenge when you are travelling with a baby or a toddler. To make sure that being stuck in traffic does not become a living nightmare for you and your child, we have some tips for you.

» If you are travelling alone, adjust the child car seat to the passenger seat. That way, you can interact with your baby conveniently. Make sure to switch off the airbag first!

» Pack a bottle warmer that can be operated by using the 12 V power socket of your car.

» Keep a special toy in your car. This toy is reserved for traffic jams only. That way, your child will find it very interesting and play with it extensively.

We wish you a safe travel!


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