Our AVOVA SPERBER-FIX 61 is a real all-rounder. It provides all you would expect from a safe premium ISOFIX child seat.

It is approved according to the latest safety guidelines of the UN ECE R-129/3 with i-Size, and includes the highly convenient 360-degree rotation. This makes it even easier to seat and secure your child and the seat rotates smoothly from forward to rearward facing installation.

The SPERBER-FIX 61 is suitable from 61 to 105 cm, this means for babies and toddlers. This corresponds to a weight of up to 20 kg (comparable to group 0+ /1).



suitable for
body size
61 cm - 105 cm

Top Features:

  • 360-degree rotation
    The seat shell can be fully rotated 360-degrees, very easy to install and extremely handy in use. Convenient access when securing your child in the car.
  • New born insert
    With a 3 component, silky soft premium newborn insert that offers babies additional protection.
    • rapid and simple installation
    • self-deployable lockable connectors
    • extra stability and safety
  • Support leg
    the ‘3rd connection point’ for more safety
    • Protects against rotation in the event of an accident
    • Height adjustable and reinforced material for increased security
  • ISIP
    (Integrated Side Impact Protection) Smart safety technology inside of your child´s seat.
  • Convenient Combination Seat
    Grows with your child

Koala Grey
Item-Number: 1110002
Pearl Black
Item-Number: 1110001
Maple red
Item-Number: 1110004
Item-Number: 1110003
Grey & Black
Item-Number: 1110005

rearward / forward facing

Vehicle Type List
Made in Germany isize R129 isize isofix

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Extended travel rearward facing up to the age of 4 years

The safest way to travel, especially for young children, is rearward facing travel. The spine of newborns generally requires special protection, as small children still have sensitive necks. That is why babies up to 15 months must always be carried against the direction of travel. The SPERBER-FIX has been developed in such way that it can be used completely used rearward facing and allow your child to travel up to its maximum limit of 105 cm, which equals about 4 years.

Of course, this child seat can also be used for forward facing travel if your child is older than 15 months.

The seat with the twist

In principle, child seats for cars are always installed in a similar way. Installation should be as simple as possible to avoid misuse.

It’s a huge relief for parents when they don’t have to worry to do anything wrong and when their daily routines are made easier.

With the 360-degree rotation of the SPERPER-FIX, the seat can be turned effortless into all positions forward, rearward and to the desired side facing the door you will be seating and securing your child.

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