The safest way to install a car seat

ISOFIX is a quick, easy and safe way to install a child car seat without using the adult 3-point-belt of the car. It has been developed to minimize the risk of incorrect installation.

ISOFIX child car seats have two connectors at their base that fit into the slots of the vehicle’s seat. At the top backside of the child seat is the Top Tether belt that connects to a specific hook in the rear of the car.

AVOVA Safey Icon ISOFIX      AVOVA Safety Icon TopTether

ISOFIX provides a solid and outstandingly safe connection between child car seat and vehicle. The Top Tether belt prevents the child seat from rotating in case of an accident.

Please look at the car manual to see if your car has ISOFIX. You may also find an ISOFIX logo or label attached to the seat of your car.


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