AVOVA Safety Technology inside

AVOVA safety features

Our safety experts have put together the most important information that you will find in AVOVA child car seats:


The importance of side impact protection with ISIP – AVOVA’s Integrated Side Impact Protection

The door is a vulnerable part of a car. This is why all our AVOVA child car seats have side impact protection built into their deep side wings. In case of an accident with an impact from the side, we want to give your child best possible protection. The deep and soft cushions combined with the ISIP technology absorb impact energy and guide the crash forces away from your child.

The 5-Point Harness System as a safety standard

More points used for a harness system help to spread more the energy that would build up in case of a crash. It’s the sort of system also used for superior safety for racing pilots.

This is why all our AVOVA child seats for babies and toddlers are equipped with a 5-point harness. It is easy to adjust to your child´s body and offers a good and customized fit. Moreover, this harness significantly decreases the forces a child experiences during a crash.
In the unlikely case you experience a roll over with your car, your child will be kept well in the seat without the risk of slipping out during this extreme situation.

Booster seats with deep side wings for improved side impact protection

At AVOVA we believe that maximum safety has to be standard. Also as your child gets older and taller. Therefore, we are not manufacturing any simple booster cushions lacking any backrest and side wings. The risk of bad injuries during a crash, especially from the side, is very high. Therefore, all AVOVA car seats are equipped with deep side wings.

Ergonomic High-Performance Headrest

For improved head protection made from a special high performance foam that you can also find in Formula 1. The material has a unique behavior combining a higher comfort with a behavior of a stiffer material when receiving an impact. This allows a much better protection for your child’s fragile neck and head.

Special headrest with young child insert

This is made for small children. We at AVOVA invented a two step insert system for the fragile neck and head of your child for optimized protection. As your child grows you will be able to remove the additional shock-absorbing layers.

You will find this for example with the AVOVA SPERLING-FIX: you can remove the young child insert when your child is two years old, and remove the second insert when your child grows about four.


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