Rigorous Child Car Seat Testing

No compromise on quality

100% made for children.
Meeting the highest safety standards.

Many people would believe: A car already offers many features to keep you safe while travelling. But cars are made for adults. What about children? What must a child car seat provide to keep your little darling safe?

To help you as parents choose the right car seat for their children, safety standards and regulations have been implemented which every new child car seat has to fulfill before being allowed to enter the market.

As safety technology advances, safety standards are getting updated or even completely reworked. The latest European regulations that have been implemented are the UN R-129. We are proud that all our AVOVA child car seats are developed and approved to this new standard.

We at AVOVA put all our product through a rigorous testing period before seeking approval.

R-129 now enforces performance standards for side impact and roll over testing as a mandatory. This is important for Independent Consumer Testing Organizations.

Besides legal requirements, child car seats are also tested every year by independent consumer testing organizations. The most important testing institutes in Germany and Europe are the German automobile club (ADAC), Stiftung Warentest, as well as ÖAMTC (Austria) und TCS (Switzerland).

They test child car seats in everyday use, collisions and other criteria like workmanship, ergonomic design, user friendly handling etc. And they also test for any harmful substances.

Their test criteria are even stricter than the ones of the legal standards. Therefore, these test results provide decisive information for parents.


100% eco-friendly.
Our organic and sustainable approach.

At AVOVA, we are committed to highest quality standards putting children’s health first. At the same time, we believe that we have an immanent responsibility to protect our environment and to use resources carefully. For all of us today and as part of our commitment to the generation we are currently protecting from harm in traffic.

AVOVA eco commitment


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